Ignorance gets a bad rap. The don’t know mind or the empty cup may be as spiritual as I am ever going to get. I find a sense of wonder and curiosity to be the best approach to life.


What gets me in trouble is the stuff I think I do know. Past experiences, conclusions, lessons get in the way of present experience. I know too much.


Lots of people have suggested letting go. Sounds simple, just let go of the old ideas. That did not work for me. They were too much a part of me. They ran my life. I’ve seen people drop things as an example of letting go. Didn’t help. What worked for me was letting go like from a climbing wall. Letting go of every old idea or concept that I thought made my life predictable and safe. Letting go of that entire framework. Flying without a net. Freefalling into life. With no guarantees. It was terrifying… and ultimately satisfying.