The Truth Will Set You Free
“What do you want from me?” This the magic question that Dr. Paul has given me, time and time, again.
If she were a warrior princess, this would be her sword. (And I’m not saying she’s not.)
If I can be honest, it starts a process whereby:
I identify what I need.
Where I didn’t get it.
Why I don’t think I deserve it.
Why I’m not giving it to myself.
We are miraculous self-healing beings.
We don’t need healers or teachers or gurus.
We need facilitators.
We need help to release our limitations and realize our true selves.
We are the thing we are looking for.
All we need is mirroring.
Being honest is taking responsibility. Victims need healers, teachers, guru’s.
Survivors don’t. They’re just working out the details. It wasn’t about you.
If you are not quite ready to make the shift, please, be very gentle with yourself.
When you are ready to face yourself and your past and the conclusions you made about yourself, find a safe place (like IB) and get ready to feel and release all of that sadness and all of that anger. Try to stay honest. Try to stay open.
Innerbonding is the most healing thing I have ever done. IB intensives are the most healing activities I have ever attended.
Dr. Paul and I have discussed what I would need to do to able to assist at an intensive. Initially, I think it was about limiting the liability I could be and the damage I could do. When I am teaching from my head and pulling on people from my old stuff, I am a liability.
Recently, Dr. Paul helped me with a breakthrough about my mom that has really opened me up and deserves it’s own article, later. Basically, I was pulling on Dr. Paul, specifically, and all women, in general, to give me what I had never gotten from my mom. I had been exposed to this idea for years but had never seen just how true it was for me.
She asked me the magic question and I said, understanding, validation and approval. I took that into a meditation and WAM!
I don’t need to prove myself, anymore. I don’t really need to do anything.
So, do I need to assist at an intensive, only if someone needs my help (and there are many qualified assistants).

Lately, just taking care of myself has become a full time job.

P.S. We do need guru's (or hero's) not to save us from ourselves but for the example they set of the potential that exists in all of us.


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