I am not my body.

I am not my mind.

I am a spiritual being having a physical experience.

My body will suffer and die, I will not.

I did not make myself.

I cannot change what I am

But I can change how I behave.


Emotions, a.k.a. the body-mind:

Notice how emotions are physical reactions to thoughts not events.

It's not what happens to me, it's what I tell myself about it.

Is my self-talk critical or supportive?

Nobody can reject me without my permission.

That's freedom. (See Innerbonding for help.)

To change how I feel, I can change how I think.

I have almost no control over the outside world

And almost complete control over my inner world.

That's power.


Deep Acceptance


Accept the past

Accept the present

Accept the future

If we could glimpse a future where nothing unacceptable could happen,

We would know fearlessness.*


Deep Patience


Who's in charge? God or my ego?

Hint: God cannot be insulted.

God is rarely in a hurry.

How much patience has God shown us?

Patience is a barometer of my spirituality.


Deep Forgiveness


Understanding is good.

Not understanding and forgiving is even better.




This is very interesting to me. If I try to leave

the house centered on spirit and love and truth

and balance, inevitably I will meet some one who

will point out to me how far I still have to go.

But if I leave the house with a moderate

awareness of how hurt, scared and fragile

I am then I can handle just about anything!


Deep Love


Giving instead of taking

Accepting instead of judging

Responding instead of reacting


See 1Cor.13


*It might be bad, it might be painful, it might be hard

 but it wouldn't be unacceptable.

Are you asking us to accept terrorism, heartache, disease and death?

Non-acceptance makes us slaves to fear.

Love is gentle (or firm), accepting and patient. It's a challenge.

Fear is angry, controlling and desperate. It's a crisis!

Love is open, learning. Fear is closed, protecting.

We can make a God of either one.

Elder statesmen and bleeding deacons.

Feelings of inadequacy keep us stuck in fear.

Fear attracts the things we are fearful of.

Is my glass half empty or half full?

Which will I focus on?


What do you think?