Suffering Revisited
Why is there suffering?
Why are we here?
Life is full of suffering
And the over coming of it
And the alleviating of it.
Eastern philosophies teach us that life is not the problem but that our
wanting life to be different is what causes our problems.
Life is not fair. Bad things do happen to good people.
Do I have to feel bad about feeling bad?
Suffering comes from a word that means to bear or to allow.
We waste more energy avoiding pain than it would take
to feel it and be done with it.
Maybe all we lack is understanding and support.
Grieving is healing.
How do we go from suffering to peace,
From feeling like a victim to acceptance?
Feeling, reeling, kneeling, healing and dealing.
Curl up into a ball and cry and kick and scream.
Add some hitting a pillow and maybe some swearing.
Why not?
Anger management problems are just anger expression problems.
Healthy anger moves us to change the things we can.
Healthy guilt moves us to change our behavior.
Healthy shame is a sense of limitation-Its humility.
Healthy sadness is how we process losses.
Healthy fear keeps us from acting fool hardy.
Do I doubt Spirit or my ability to cooperate with it?
If my best friend was facing this situation, how would I support them?
My depression was designed to spare me from future disappointment.
How sad is that?
Where is Spirit when we suffer? What kind of help can we expect?
Spirit is life, in times of trouble, the gift of Spirit is the will to survive and
The will to over come but we have to ask for it. Seek and you shall find…


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