Practicing the Presence of God
I have an intuitive spirit guide.  He has guided me to experiences that are similar to Buddhist experiences and Christian mystic experiences. The teachings of C. G. Jung explain my experiences. When Jung says dreams, I say active imagination and when Jung says religious experiences, I say spiritual experiences. It's important to note that none of these teachings guided me to my experiences, my inner guidance did.
A conflicted mind cannot understand guidance.
A conflicted heart cannot feel love.
Conflicts must be identified to be resolved.
Chuck C. used to say it's not what you know that makes life interesting, it's what you don't know. A healthy mind is an open mind. Resentments, guilt, shame, fear and false beliefs occupy our minds and block us off from the "sunlight of the Spirit." Chuck used the terms uncover, discover and discard. We cannot judge other people more harshly than we judge ourselves. Observing our judgments and reclaiming our projections is a powerful way to heal our inner worlds.*
When they asked Gandhi how he could be so loving and tolerant to other people, he responded, I'm a pretty big scoundrel myself.
George Carlin asked us, Have you ever noticed how anyone that drives faster than you is a maniac and anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot?
In Emotional Sobriety, Bill wonders how to affect our subconscious. The most powerful way I have found is through the idea of my inner child. I like the idea of writing a letter to my inner child and then writing my inner child's response with my non-dominant hand. A cuddly teddy bear makes a nice bridge, also.
So, I use inventories and therapy to clear the channel. I use guided meditation to widen and exercise it. I like the idea of a secret place or a sacred garden or a workshop. The key  is to make it as real as possible. When I feel the sensations, hear the sounds, smell the smells and visualize the sights- I strengthen my imagination. My guidance is received as feelings which are then interpreted into thoughts. There is always a chance of misinterpretation. The difference between information and wisdom is application.
I have a vision of Love from the earth and Spirit from above mixing in our bodies. It makes us sort of love magnets. It makes us important. I think I have just barely tapped my potential for understanding and compassion. When I heard His Holiness the Dalai Lama say his own practice was very poor, I was inspired that no matter how poorly I practice this stuff, it was OK, maybe even important, to share it.
I strive to be guided by Spirit (open mind), motivated by Love (open heart). Christians would call it Sacred Heart. Buddhists would call it Bodhichitta.
 There is a power greater than ourselves which manifests itself within us as well as everywhere else in the universe. This I call God. Do you know what it is to know God - to have God's constant guidance - a constant awareness of God's presence? To know God is to reflect love toward all people and all creations. To know God is to feel peace within - a calmness, a serenity, an unshakeableness which enables you to face any situation. To know God is to be so filled with joy that it bubbles over and goes forth to bless the world. I have only one desire now - to do God's will for me - there is no conflict. When God guides me to walk a pilgrimage I do it gladly. When God guides me to do other things I do them just as gladly. If what I do brings criticism upon me I take it with head unbowed. If what I do brings me praise, I pass it immediately along to God, for I am only the little instrument through which God does the work. When God guides me to do something I am given strength, I am given supply, I am shown the way, I am given the words to speak. Whether the path is easy or hard I walk in the light of God's love and peace and joy, and I turn to God with psalms of thanksgiving and praise. This it is to know God. And knowing God is not reserved for the great ones. It is for little folks like you and me. God is always seeking you - every one of you. You can find God if you will only seek - by obeying divine laws, by loving people, by relinquishing self-will, attachments, negative thoughts and feelings. And when you find God it will be in the stillness. You will find God within.
This is the way of peace:
Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.

Peace Pilgrim 1908-1981


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