The Shakti said, "The heart chakra is of great importance because it is a place where the Light of God flashes forth into the world with radiant love. Most people follow those shimmering rays of love outward until they bounce off something or someone and come back at them. Confusion sets in when the reflecting object is taken to be the source. The source is in your heart. Follow the shimmering rays of Divine Love emanating from the Light within your heart back to their true source, back to the Radiant One seated there. Rest for a while in the warm embracing presence of the Living Flame of Love shining in your heart. Return here as often as you like.

"Yoga asserts that as we split ourselves off from our innate ananda, our ecstasy, our Self, we then project it onto objects and people, and seek it externally. We build up the belief that joy will really come from eating Haagen-Dazs chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream! Our minds become agitated with the desire for it. When we finally walk to the store, come home, and dig into it, there's a moment when the desire ceases, the mind is still, we're in the bliss of chocolate, chocolate chip! No! says the yogi! We're in the bliss of our own Self (ananda) which we've experienced a reflection of for the moment when our mind was still. The yogic perspective holds that joy and love always arise from within. If joy was really in the chocolate ice cream, then every time we ate it, and no matter how much we ate, we would experience that joy, just as we experience the coldness and chocolateness that really are qualities of the ice cream. We delude ourselves into believing that pleasure, love, and joy are qualities of the world rather than seeing them as arising from the source within and turning our attention toward the Self, immersing ourselves in our innate center of love, allowing it to flow outward as naturally as a rose shares its beauty and fragrance with all passersby."

By Lawrence Edwards, Ph.D.

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