La Casa de Maria

 (Site of a 5 day IB intensive)

I was wounded, when I came

And everyone else was to blame


In this place of beauty

I was able to start

To see how I

Tortured my own precious heart


Love whispered to me

Down by the brook

I'm all around you

Just look, look, look


What a blessing

I take from this peaceful place

Having been able to

See, touch and smell a warm state of grace


I came seeking approval

As a way to get love

Just be yourself

Was my guidance from above


I hurt so much

I thought I'd go wild

My guidance said, Quit crying

You're scaring the child


I leave without a care

Healed by a bear


I'm no longer on trial

Oh what a feeling

My growth is assured

If I just keep on healing


My inner child and I

Had a getting to know you party

Down on the beach

Who knows

What joy we can reach


I was protecting myself

From my own pain

I thought it was my enemy

Instead it was my gift

Through it everything

I ever wanted

I was to gain


I cause my own pain


(And my inner child who helped me write this adds:)


I leave here so grateful

I'm about to explode

I couldn't be any happier

If I was a toad