If religion is about holding then maybe spirituality is about letting go.

Most religions point people toward spirtual experiences:

Being born again, entering the kingdom of God, enlightenment,

Some not just once but everyday.

These religions were founded by people who had had tremendous spiritual experiences. Their experiences were written down so they could be shared with more people. Unfortunately, most religious leaders today are experts on the literature, not the experience.

Now you know why its called the Sobermystic.

I feel God's hand wrapped around my heart

and you can, too, not by imitating me but by 
to your own inner guidance.

Emotional healing is usually necessary before you can fully access your connection and guidance.

I have been aided by a sort of desperate, 
pioneering curiosity:

facing the dragon, 
putting my head in the lion's mouth,

jumping off a cliff or 
walking into a really dark room,

asking for a miracle.

I cannot own God but I can let God own me.

I invite you to join me on a continuing journey of connectedness, surrender, guidance and healing.


What do you think?

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