Know That You Are Loved
Afraid and empty, life is a lot of work. Loving and giving, life is a beautiful journey. How do we make the shift?
Imagine the running man, always running away from what he does not want and always running toward what he does want. If he stops running, that which he wants gets away from him and that which he fears catches up to him.
The stress eventually kills him and he dies, unsatisfied and afraid.
Fear cannot be satisfied.
It can be filled, like a vacuum, which is nothing or the lack of something.
What was the running man running for?
To satisfy his emptiness.
Nothing outside of him could fill his inner emptiness.
What he needed was love.
Somewhere he had gotten the idea that he was unlovable.
He ran to prove he was lovable.
What needs no proof cannot be proven.
“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46.10
Quit running.
The knowledge of God is simply the awareness of love.
You are love.
All of creation supports you.
You have the best reason in the world for being sad.
You have forgotten just how loved you are.
Here’s a new word “lovedness.”
When we remember our “lovedness” all of our problems become challenges.
My only real problem is that my behavior does not always reflect my “lovedness.”
I haven’t mastered it, yet.
How to experience my "lovedness?"

Love is only available in this present moment.

Clear your mind of everything but this moment.

Feel the earth pushing back against you feet.

Feel the chair pressing back against you.

Feel the air pressing against your skin.

Forget not, that the earth longs to tickle your feet and the wind longs to play with your hair. Kahlil Gibran

Life is a gift.

The earth is a gift.

Your experience is a gift.

All it takes is awareness.

Opening to Grace.


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