A Human Being
Do I have to stay busy?
Do I have trouble relaxing?
Do I judge myself for being human?
Do I tell myself, constantly, that I should do or be or have more?
Do I get my value as a person from my job?
Or what I do for other people?
Or how I look?
Or what I have?
Over-identification with my activities, appearance and possessions makes me a human doing or 
a human looking or 
a human having 
Rather than a human being.

I can not change what I am, only how I behave.
I can improve my behavior but I cannot improve on myself.
What am I?
This is an important question.
Why am I here?
What put me here?
The answers are, of course, very personal.
And answering the questions is not why we are here.
When we answer the questions, life is not over.
Actually, it has just begun.
Until we answer the questions, we are just fumbling in the dark.
Living some one else’s life.
I only have my truth, not yours and it changes.
I am light and love. (bichin' and brilliant)

And more and less.
I may not always act like it.
The highest motivation I can have is to have my behavior, more accurately,
Reflect my true nature.
Doing bad things, does not make me bad.
Having bad things happen to me, does not make me bad.
Feeling bad, does not make me bad.
Let thoughts and feelings pass over us like clouds in the sky.
No judgment, no attachment. This is heaven. Now.
And if we miss the mark, how about some gentleness and compassion.
I didn’t have to change to be loved by God.
I only had to be willing to love myself and to share it with you.
Just the way I am…


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