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I am a clean and sober 12 stepper, 30 years (2011).

My favorite topics of discussion are recovery and relationships.

I have attended just about every 12 step program there is, that's

why I'm so wonderful. (Thanks, Frank) Seriously, I've had a lot of problems in sobriety and I've found a lot of help. Before you say if its not in the Big Book,

I'm not doing it, let me remind you that Bill W. was a pioneer. Everything was new when He was trying it. How did modern AA get so closed minded? Fear, probably. I don't want to change a good thing. I just want to add to it. This work has been critical to my peace of mind, happiness and sobriety in general.

I sponsor very few newcomers,

the guys I get are usually 7 to 11 years sober,

dealing with divorce, bankruptcy, depression, etc.

I know how important this work is but I don't hear anybody else sharing about it in meetings. So that's what this website is for.



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