God’s Plan for Your Happiness
I have been waiting all of your life to talk to you.
You are not late. You are right on time.
I need your help.
I know you are hurt, scared, angry and lonely.
I know you want to be happy.
I know you feel terrible.
This is my gift to you.
You feel terrible because you have been living upside down and inside out.
Whenever you are living upside down and inside out, you will feel terrible.
I cannot change that.
Only you can change that.
Your painful feelings are your opportunity to reprioritize.
You feel bad because you have made some person or thing or your reputation more important to you than your relationship to yourself or to me.
I need your help.
You are not being punished. You have done nothing wrong. You are just off track.
Nothing you can do can stop me from loving you.
Poor priorities block you off from yourself and from me.
Your ego lies to you. It promises happiness but it cannot deliver long term.
You might get flashes of happiness by accomplishing or acquiring, but it is always followed by more yearning.
You want to be happy but you don't know how.
I need your help. 
Quit running from your painful feelings. They are not the problem. They are your calls to reprioritize. Your trying to avoid them only makes the situation worse.
Pain is not a punishment, pleasure is not a reward.
Your happiness lies on the other side of your painful feelings.
The way out is the way through.
You think you have hurt too much. You are mistaken.
I need your help.
You under estimate the strength of the heart I gave you.
You need to quit acting so selfishly and learn compassion.
This is the real reason for painful feelings: to open your heart.
It is your capacity to suffer and your desire to be happy that connects you with every other being on the planet.
I need your help.
Still your mind, open your heart. Rest in me.
Together we can heal the planet, one person at a time.
From this moment on, you are the agent of something large and magnificent and you are aware that you carry a piece of that something wherever you go.
I need your help. Let your light shine.


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